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In today’s world, as the prices of houses have continued to increase, many people have chosen to live in an apartment instead, presenting a unique opportunity for companies to advertise their services or products, using Elevator Advertising. Elevator Advertising allows you to reach people in a space where they feel the most comfortable: at home.

Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising, or DOOH, is one of the most exciting opportunities for digital media placements. DOOH advertising lets advertisers create immersive, memorable and even interactive campaigns that reach your target audience in an environment they feel most at ease, increasing not only the chance that people will pay attention to your add, but also that they’ll feel incremented to buy or make use of your offerings.

Elevator Advertising is one of the most impactful forms of DOOH advertising

Elevator Advertising helps you combine the reach of traditional OOH advertising with the targeting and technology of digital advertising, a practice that reaches audiences in a unique space that sees tons of traffic each day.

These media placements can be especially useful if you want to reach your audience where they feel most at ease, first thing in the morning or right before they go home for the evening. Want to know how Elevator Advertising can help you engage with your customers this way? Then continue reading.

Why at-home elevator ads? And why now?

One of the most important things to be successful in your endeavors is that we advertise in the right place in order to reach the right audience at the right time. A good example of this is coffeeshops, which places billboards a block away from their building, or restaurants, which run radio ads during the evening rush hour to catch people who are on their way, drawing their attention. Elevator Advertising allows you to connect with your target audience right outside their door, the closest you can get to OOH advertising in their homes. Here are the top benefits of Residential Elevator Advertising.

The benefits

The moment people enter an elevator, they become a captive audience. Not only that, but the elevator is the first out-of-home advertising placement people encounter when they leave their apartments. This gives you the benefit of having an audience that most likely has yet to see other, competitive advertisements. The average person takes the elevator four times a day, giving them many chances to see your advertisements. If you were to write down what messages you’d like for your audience to see when they leave their homes in the morning or when they return after a long day’s work, what would that be? Elevator Advertising offers an unlimited amount of possibilities. In order to get to their apartment after a stressful day, people will almost always take the elevator, especially if they live on a higher floor. This final journey is characterized by a unique mental state as the opportunity to relax starts becoming closer and closer, putting them in a good mood. The better their mood is, the more they’re going to pay attention to your ad and consider buying. Marketing channels that align with consumer habits, like daily elevator ads, are extremely valuable because they guarantee repeat engagement.

Residents already regularly check the elevator screens for many forms of daily info: Building announcements from the property managers, information about upcoming events, local and global news updates, weather updates and public health messages are just a few. Aligning your ads with that content will help build awareness for your brand and create a more positive brand experience for people riding the elevator.

Commercial vs. At-home elevator ads

By placing your ads in residential elevators, there’s no need to worry about the weekend dip in traffic that come with advertising in an office building, commercial center, or other traffic hubs. At-home elevator ads are a high frequency, 24/7 medium, causing them to always be on and provide ads without pause. And with at least four elevator rides each day, your message will be remembered.

Especially now that we’re spending more time at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Residential Elevator Advertising is a better DOOH investment than ads in city centers or other highly populated areas, as they are visited by less people and for shorter periods of time.

Spot-on audience targeting and enhanced visibility

At-home Elevator Advertising can also help to target a more specific group of potential customers. This is based on factors like:

  1. Lifestyle and interests (How many families are in the complex? Are there frequent travelers? Does anyone own any pets?)
  2. Location (How close do they live to your business)
  3. Income (based on the consist of living and rent prices)

Not all apartments and condominium are homogenous, but knowing the info above can still help you choose which buildings you buy elevator ads in. Once you’ve made that decision, you can segment, target, and reach customers near your business, driving them through the door or to your website at the opportune moment.

This level of targeting is the most useful if your goal is to increase foot traffic and impressions. By advertising to people living nearby, you get to keep your business top-of-mind when they start and end their days, making them more likely to stop by your store next time they go out.

Outside from that, you get to control exactly where your message is placed without having to worry about competing ads, ad blockers, or negative comments. It provides you with a real opportunity to reach an uninterrupted audience as the only form of distraction in an intimate space.

Start reaching your target audience with Elevator Advertising

Overall, at-home elevator advertising offers a real opportunity for your business to:

  1. Engage your audience when they start their day or when they’re heading home.
  2. Reach more people than commercial Elevator Advertising.
  3. Target specific potential customers based on lifestyle, location, income and more.
  4. Measure the results of your DOOH campaigns with AI that gives you accurate results without compromising privacy.

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