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Kiosk Advertising

Redefining Direct Marketing

Our kiosks offer the most professional and fully managed distribution service across residential communities in Pearl Qatar. Advertising access to an ever-growing list of buildings is managed exclusively by Futad Advertising and by when you utilize this, your promotional literature littering the hallways of buildings or scattered at reception desks will be a thing of the past.

We are the exclusive partners for flyer distribution in most of Porto Arabia, all of the Town Houses, and Qanat Quartier.

Futad Advertisingʼs kiosk generates an attractive brand presence anywhere it is installed. It can be used to display brochures, flyers, and catalogs in a secure and professional manner.

This is a platform that streamlines your direct marketing campaign that utilizes flyers and brochures to spread your company awareness. This system makes accessible marketing material where it otherwise would not be accessible. This platform serves as a flyer dispenser unit that is located in prime areas where face-to-face or door-to-door marketing is not viable.


Our kiosks come in various styles, which are installed and maintained by our field staff, and include your full sales flyers or catalogs. Using the Futad Advertising network, these kiosks are an inexpensive and effective route to market for businesses looking to communicate with customers in a convenient and personalized way.

Be Accessible to a Wider Target
With Kiosks, a larger target base will approach your brand which is a challenge for door-to-door marketing.

Reach Your Audience Efficiently
The kiosk is a concentration of your direct marketing efforts, thereby delivering focused awareness to your clientele.

Flyers are easy to make and versatile. The ability to place them in our kiosks directly targeting The Pearl community is quicker and more cost effective than having to print out and send them through the mail or set up an ad campaign in print media.

Long-Term Solution
Brand awareness needs to be constantly reiterated for relevance and relatability. Inbox is designed with that very intent in mind.

Reaching Offline Customers
Despite online and social media advertising is popular with businesses in this day and age. There is still a gap in the market to reach offline customers. Using this form of advertising alongside online methods will guarantee your reach to the entire market. No one is forgotten!

Use Cases

A business can place its brochures, company profile, advertisements, offers, or even job postings at areas where personal selling and flyers are not allowed.

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